HBD-150 / 150D

Forming Size:


Laser Power:

200W / 200W×2

Layer Thickness:


Scanning Track Width:


Scanning Speed:


Oxygen Content:


Protective Atmosphere:

Protective Atmosphere: Integral sealed, automatic monitoring of oxygen content, recycling cleaning and collection coefficient ≥ 99%

Relative Density:

Nearly 100%

Typical Accuracy:


Metal Power:

Metal Power: Stainless steel, Cobalt-chrome alloy, Tool steel, Titanium alloy, High temperature alloy, Hastelloy, and some precious metals

Software Package:

Full opening within hardware allowed

Processing Parameter Package:

Equipped and customizable

Print Case

Coronas y puentes
Crowns & Bridges
Marco de RPD
RPDs Framework
Marco de RPD
RPDs Framework
Tratameinto de Cadera
Hip Treatment